Turkey Smashes Window of Couple Viewing TV

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    JAMES TOWNSHIP, Mich. Mar 15, 2006 (AP)— Gerald and Maureen Henze were watching some afternoon TV in their home when all of a sudden everything changed. After a loud bang, Maureen was showered by shards of glass, and Gerald and their dog were chasing a turkey down the hall.

    "Something just exploded," Gerald Henze told The Saginaw News.

    He turned and saw a turkey walking down the hallway. Maureen Henze, who was sitting in a recliner, was injured by flying glass after the turkey crashed through the picture window of their James Township home.

    "The glass flew straight at her," the couple's youngest daughter, Judy Carleton, said of Tuesday's events. "She's really lucky it wasn't her face or anything."

    Maureen Henze sought treatment at Covenant Medical Center for minor injuries to her legs and feet and returned home that evening, said Carleton, of Lima, Ohio. Gerald Henze suffered small abrasions on his hands.

    The couple's dog, Donny, jumped up from a slumber and chased the intruder into a back bedroom. Gerald Henze trapped the bird in the guest room until county sheriff's deputies arrived.

    "I was right behind it and got a handful of tail feathers before it ran into the bedroom," Gerald Henze said.

    Deputy Kirt Shields released the uninjured turkey, but not before receiving some minor scratches.

    Information from: The Saginaw News, http://www.mlive.com
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    Mar 4, 2003
    I'd say he was dang lucky he didn't actually catch that bird.

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    I'd be thinking roasted turkey for dinner. ;)
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    i had a friend have one fly through the passenger window as he was driving down the highway in southern missouri
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    Yep that sucker woulda been roasted if it were me.:D

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    I had a hen fly out of the road ditch about 4 inches above the windshield on my Road King last summer....I stopped and took a leak right up the road...lol

    I don't believe I'd have let that deputy release that turkey if it was in my bedroom...I'd have had fresh turkey mcnuggets fo supper that nite!!!