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Wife and went on a road trip down to Warsaw and the surrounding area looking at lake home places . Drove behind Truman dam and watched a dad and his sons pulling in 2and three blues right and left .
Sky Rectangle Cloud Urban design Grass
Water Sky People in nature Tree Lake

Water Sky People in nature Tree Lake

He was using cut shad with a good size circlehook with a baseball size float. No weight . You could actually see the schools coming up to top in the turbulent water .
Never have I seen cats come up like this , incredible .
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Water looks nice ,,,dont look too deep there .....whats it look like with no flow over the dam ?
I have no idea . This was my first time there in my life .
At normal flow that channel is about 30 ft deep.
Yeah them boys been slaughtering them all year with all the current Truman has been putting out.lots of walleye ,flatties stripers crappieto. If one thing isnt biting another is lol.use to fish there alot,keep saying I'm going back but haven't made it yet.lol
Truman rock rats is their web site
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