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I posted this on At , thought you guys might want to see it..



When I still lived in Pa. the pennsylvania Game Commission had a landowner program where Landowners listed their property as open to public hunting.. In return the landowner received free hunting license, subscription to Pa. game news mag. , free trees, plants and seed for said property as well as increased game warden patrols..

Sound good and much family property was enroled.. After events like listed in this article happened to us most opted out... while still allowing open hunting without the advertising by the PGC.. This year the local mailman shot a dandy bear on my old deer stmpin' grounds.. ( i still retain ownership, Mohoning twp.)...

After the most recent events all family and many others are posting for the first time ( much of our family ground dates before the civil war,, (( I'm a proud Great grandson of the G.A.R.)) ).

There will be many disappointed (dare I say Angry , aggressive) "" HUNTERS""
around Distant, Sligo , New Bethlem , Climax, Putneyville, Climax, Clarion, Dayton, and Leatherwood areas.. To name just a few..

Avery sad state of affairs...

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