Trespassing Coyote Dog Problem - What to do?

Discussion in 'Dogs' started by olebuck, Jan 25, 2017.

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    thanks for not shooting their hounds, and there prolly is another reason why your deer density is not what you want to be if you own a section, maybe to many coyotes ,{that was humor} I cant think of a single section that is posted that way around here. I can show plenty of sections around here that is covered up with deer and the next section over wont hardly hold a track of one, why most don't have the cover to hold large amounts. I know we have a couple of people who own large amounts say 2or 3 thousand acres of land and state they want no hunting and we try our dangest not to let them get on them, but occasionally they do and all we can do is hope they blast thru their ground and hope they don't bay;)

    Now when I mean occasionally I mean once every year or two at the most not every weekend because we don't usually don't do weekends and we also gave up up hunting around urban areas to many 40 acre city guys who think they own the whole world in reality the dogs would blow thru that 40 in a couple of minutes if they are on a yote.

    As far as fear of someone shooting a 180 not gonna say it wouldn't happen but the odds are pretty slim, none with my group, if we cant brag about it why kill it:D

    You say you don't hear any shooting a lot of guys don't shoot much any more they use killer dogs and only shoot if they have to. And yes they are people who just run their dogs, were not one of them and don't really agree with it but have to live with it . Why their at your place so often seems weird I agree, few deer but lots of yotes would be my guess.
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    This buck was seen at a distance of about 60 yards 8 days before season. Guy said he had a long clear look at it and the drop time. That was 6 miles northwest of where it was shot. Another guy saw it about 4 miles northeast of where it was shot 4 days before season. Again another clear close sighting of the drop tine.

    I used to think I could keep bucks on close to a section of prime crop timber and creek ground. I now know they are gonna cover 9-10 miles a night in their prime. ( kinda like I used to) I know of bucks every year that may be on our ground all summer and early fall that get killed 5 miles from our place.

    This year was horrible deer wise. Gotta go back to early 80's to get this bad of deer numbers on our place. Why? Who knows. May be a big cat but rare for them to stay in an area. All I know is it has zero to do with hounds.

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    I think alot of the problem is many of the yote hunters are getting too old to catch their dogs. I heard of one guy that chased them for 42 miles before he got them. He probably wouldn't have caught them then if they hadn't got to a body of water to big to swim across. :whistle:
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    I don't know crap about hounds. Are these guys hunting a neighboring section and their dogs wander into yours? Or are they pulling up on a public road in your section, releasing the dogs to intentionally run your properties, and hiding behind the law that says they are not doing wrong? Big difference in my mind...
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    Craig.. I think the laws are very vague on this which is what makes it so contentious. I've heard some say that a dog cannot trespass because it cannot have intelligent intent as such. I've also seen (or heard) that retrieving your dog(s) on private ground is not considered trespassing because you are seeking to re-collect your personal property. Folks might understand this if you invested as much as some of these folks do in these dogs.
    Bottom line for me is common courtesy and hunting properties that folks are aware and ok with it. Most of these hound hunters are pretty respectful of livestock, wildlife etc. They are going to be in and out of there pretty quick anyway and I think its been established that they wont run deer out of the area for any appreciable amount of time.
    Anyway, this is one of those grey areas that is up to interpretation if you plan to call a CEO/LEO. If you can demonstrate negligence or damage due to the activity, you might have a case. Otherwise, not much you can do... unless you get a CEO that wants to press it for other reasons.

    My uncle used to run dogs back in the day. there were times to do it, and times not to do it. He remained pretty respectful and got support from lots of folks that owned ground. you simply cannot restrict dogs movements once they are on the ground, something you maybe cant understand unless you have been involved personally.
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    The group I chase with chased for 43 miles a while back.I win again mofo
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    You know the answer. There is nothing you can legally do about a dog running on your property outside of maybe getting the dog catcher out there, if you can collect the dogs, and maybe multiple incidents will lead to further actions by the law.

    But your just skirting with problems, over and over, for years.

    It sounds like you either put up with the dogs, or put in the effort to impound them over and over, or sell the place and buy another.
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    That about covers it, get close enough with your binocs to get some license plate numbers and report any trespassing, catch any stray dogs and drop them off at the pound (or whateve they call the dog catcher places now). If they get visits from the sheriff or have to pay a fee at the pound to retrieve their dogs they will eventually take the hint and move on to other locations if you annoy them as much as they are annoying you.
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    Buy some pit bulls that will eat hounds
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    Genius idea. Then when they get full, shoot the pitbulls. It's not illegal to shoot your own dog. :eek::
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    Aug 13, 2008
    We are neighbors
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    This can be done but there are certain situations and conditions that must be met in order to do so legally. In the case of the OP he has not articulated a situation that would seem to meet the legal requirements to dispatch a dog on the property (if a person even thought that a good option). Check the Missouri Revised Statues for section 273.030 & 273.033.
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    Have you tried tree knocking?From what I saw on Tv from people in the know,4 knocks means you are in Bigfoots core area.even the professionals who been looking for bigfoot their whole life heard four knocks and knew it was time to get the hell out of there before they could even get a picture.I would try that and maybe rent a bigfoot costume and put my wife in it.Knock 4 times and have her mock charge the hunters,they are honest hunters and will not shoot across property line so she should be fine.You might ask Oneshot about this Bigfoot thing I'm sure he's done it before
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    Put a 6'foot around your property,keeps yokes and the hounds out.Problem solved,and no hound gets shot,or worse...
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    Place some trap sets and bait with Alpo.
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    Pit bulls like hound meat.. I know. lol
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    Bad bad bad bad idea guy shot my stud walker once and he also payed dearly.... luckily my friends physically wrested the gun away from me or I would be in prison right now but instead the dog lived and he filled my pockets with cash. Story is on here I should dig it up.
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    Post a link...
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    I don't like spiders and snakes, chiggers, skeeters, or snappers in my lakes. Maybe I should have a politically correct mindset, aka lack of common sense, and throw a hissy fit for them to leave my property. Times have sure changed since the rural areas have changed from mostly working farms to 20 acre and up play areas. Times have sure changed since 98% of the rural property owners lived on the property, and had an understanding of domestic, and wild animal behaviors, from working with, and around them daily from sun to sun, and on occasion in the moonlight, if there was one. Bottom line, I have on several occasions watched deer observe running hounds pass by them with-in 100 yards, and simply go back to their browsing once they passed. I have in all fairness seen them run as well, but I am sure they didn't go far. I have seen them come right back in a short while, after they had run to cover. They don't leave their area. I have heard "when in Rome, do as the Romans do". Maybe those that are not rural natives would enjoy their rural experiences more if they would learn to do as the Roman's do. Hounds that are actually running deer is a whole different story, especially since it isn't legal in Missouri, as is non-hunting, "back yard" dogs.
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