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trapping season dates survey

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I talked to Dave Hamilton who is with the MDC. He's the one responsible for the surveys concerning trapping season dates.I questioned him about why the big concern about furbuyers complaints,They're wanting to cut two weeks off the end of season.He said they are trying to serve everyones interests. They are only surveying those who bought a liscense in 2004.Now for the best part,coonhunters were sent the surveys also,any doubt about their vote? I really don't care one way or the other about ****,I turn loose all those that I can. I'd sure like to see the season stay as is.He encouraged me to drop him an e-mail with my concerns. I've got his e-mail if anybody wants to write him. I am.If you did'nt get a survey and want the season to remain as is,send an e-mail.
Thanks Mike
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I **** hunt a little but the guy I go with goes about every other night and i dont think he cares about how long the season is(I dont any way) but what im saying is that the big **** hunters make their money in competion and most the time they dont even kill the ***** so they can treeem all year long.
aggred, I dont **** hunt very much just a copple times this year but I would rather trap than **** hunt their both just both as fun

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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