Topo map for a Garmin GPS

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  1. I have a Garmin E-Map GPS, which is an older full function GPS. I recently bought the MapSource Topo program for it, (about $120) and is is awesome. If your GPS will support such a program, I highly recommend it. It is not as detail as a 1:24,000 USGS map. The elevations are every 60ft., not 20ft. This is not as defined as a USGS map, but a huge help when out hunting. It will show farm roads, creeks, elevations, and bodies of water that are not on GPS street maps. It is a huge difference. If you have a Garmin, you can view the map program on their website to see if the detail will help you with the area you hunt. I am not sure whats available for other GPS's.
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    My Garmin doesn't have a big enuff memory for that, but I borrowed my buddies when I went elk hunting in really does work good!!! Really useful tool.

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    I'v been thinking about getting a GPS for my Elk hunt but after awhile I'm just going to run out of $$ and I cant see a reason to have it for around here..its that or a Range finder.

    Thanks for the info tho it's something else to give me a headache thinking abuot