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    May 31, 2008
    Took the girls out about 12:30 this afternoon for a short hunt.Tried a new area and had to do alot of walking to get a rabbit up.My Jenni dog opened three different times but never produced a rabbit.Finally about 1:30 they jumped one from it's bed and hammered it all the way across the weed pach and back.I killed it and then we headed for a doze pile at the other end of the field.On the way over there,I had 2 turkeys get up right under my feet.You think a quail will spook you,have a couple of turkeys get up so close you can feel the air off their wings .lolGot to the doze pile and the dogs worked it over getting another rabbit up and hammered this one as well and I was able to get it too.The 3rd one we jumped on top of a hill and the dogs really strugled with it before losing it.Called the dogs in and called it a day.Sure wish we could get some rain to help with the scenting conditions,but if they can run as good as they did on the first 2 rabbits,they should really tear them up with some moisture.