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Today was New Bow Day!!!

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Today I attended the annual Wild Horse Creek Bows Customer Appreciation Shoot at the home of Mike and Susie Dunnaway in Perry, KS. I had placed another order with Mike at the UBM Festival in February and hoped that there would be a chance my bow would be done by the shoot. Imagine my surprise and excitement when I walked into the greeting area and saw this sign.

Woohoo!!!! I ordered this bow specifically for my 2020 Mexico ocellated turkey hunt because I wanted a short little recurve for blind hunting. Now I get to practice on our Easterns first!

Bow info: The bow is a two-piece takedown recurve. It is 54" long and pulls 53# @ 28". The limb core is maple and the limb veneer is spalted maple. The riser, limb tips and overlays are cocobola. The handle wrap is beaver tail. I shot it all day on the course and it will flat sling an arrow! The photos I show here just don't do it justice.

Look out turkeys!

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Stick one haverstick. :D
Hate to inform you but the arrow shelf is on the wrong side.
I do love new bow day. Nice stick flinger!
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Wood looks beautiful. Hope to see a dead animal pic or two from that fine looking bow.
Best looking trad bow I've seen on here in a long time.
New bow day was last Friday for me. Kestrel Takedown, 45# @28 60 inch.
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