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Tina\'s story

I thought I'd send you my 2002 firearm deer hunting story. I started hunting about ten years ago, when I met my "now husband" Kenny. The first few years I went with him, but did not hunt, I took my notebook and wrote my own views of women in the woods. I LOVE IT! He has given me so much by introducing me to hunting. He is a good teacher, as I hope you can tell from the picture. I took a doe my first year out with a weapon and a 7 point buck the next year. A few years passed without a harvest but I was not deterred from the wonderful "hunt".

Last year, opening day, we started out early, as usual, and headed to my Dad's house (we'll just say, somewhere in the middle of Missouri). Opening day is tradition to hunt at "Dad's", he doesn't hunt but loves to see us and our excitement. After sitting at the tree, I thought would be a great spot, for a few hours and not seeing anything, I decided to go to the truck for a snack and pick a new spot. While sitting in the truck eating chips, I caught a glance of a deer out the side mirror. I pulled on my camo and tried to sneak up on the deer, as I watched the little four pointer enter the evergreens. Didn't happen, he went South, I went North. Back to the truck to finish my snack, I sat in the front seat thinking of where to set up next. Again I see a deer behind me, up the hill, through the side mirror. I watched the doe at the top of the hill, watch me, she was the biggest doe I had ever seen. She stepped over the fence like it was nothing and went into the evergreens to the North. My decision was made, I was hunting at the top of the hill, that's where both deer headed after I seen them. I made it to the top of the hill, which is pretty darn steep, stopping every few steps not to scare off any potential deer. At the top, I cleared out the leaves from the tree I had chosen and got as comfortable as I could. Within half and hour I seen movement just into the evergreens, which was about 20 yards away. I could see a doe come just to the edge of the treeline and also seen something move behind her. Adrenaline started pumping, I knew I had found the spot, it wouldn't be long now, or so I thought. After nibbling on some plants at the fence, she decided to take a nap! Yes, A NAP! I seen, behind her, a movement as well, I figured it was the other deer settling in for a nap as well. I waited. And waited. And waited. It seemed like forever, my leg was numb, my back was cramping, and I needed to move around. The doe watched me and my surroundings (she didn't actually make me out to be human, just another tree) the whole time she rested. It was nearly and hour and a half before she even acted like she was going to move, I was about to give up and get comfortable even if it meant scaring her off. I'm glad I didn't move! She stood up and looked into the next field, which is a valley full of trees and brush. She seemed very interested in whatever was catching her attention. I tried to turn to see and could only make out a small buck coming up to the opposite corner of the hill. Well, this is where it gets really good! She wasn't the only one interested in the little buck. Behind her, stood up a large beautiful buck. I couldn't see the antlers very well as he was still behind her but when he seen what she was looking at, he wasn't having that at all! He came around her and stood in front of her staring down the would be "new boyfriend". He was the most beautiful deer I had ever seen in the woods. He stood broadside, with his head held high, and it almost seemed like he was pushing out his chest as to say "She's Mine" . Well I readied my gun and said to my self, "your mine"!!!!! One shot right behind the shoulder dropped him within 12 feet of where he stood! After waiting a few minutes, I approached him to find TEN majestic points on a perfect set of antlers 17 3/4" spread!!!!!

To date, this was my most exciting hunt! My dad, my husband and my son sure enjoyed it too! Deer season started again today but did not offer a deer as appealing as the one I took opening day 2002. I hope you enjoy my story and thank you for letting me tell it, I never get tired of re-living that hunt! Good Luck Hunting and BE SAFE ALWAYS!!!!!

Tina -Sedalia Missouri

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That is EXACTLY what it is all about. What a great story, great result, great author. You made my month mrb!
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