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Well today was the day nevergvup and his crew came fishing with me downtown STL on the Mississippi.
Mark asked if a couple of his buddy's kids could come, so we squeezed in and let the boys (10 & 19), run the poles. The day started off with a grain barge sinking right in my favorite spot!:eek:
We had to do some moving around to find fish, and eventually their patience paid off with both of them catching their biggest fish ever! The biggest 4 weighed 17, 20, 28.5, and 35lbs.
Fishing was fairly tough for us, as well as the guide we talked to. Tied him in #'s, but beat him in size!:D
Good times were had by all and thanks Mark for your generous donation to a great cause!
Here's a sample of the fish we caught:

Water Cloud Sky Boat Watercraft
Cloud Water Sky Shorts Vertebrate
Water Sky Cloud Shorts Automotive tire
Water Sky Shorts Muscle Building
Water Shorts Shoe Sky Cloud

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Looks like a great day to me!

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Good stuff

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Good think you done Sam!
I was mad about missing out on the last minute bid I had planned but seeing those smiles i think I'm glad it played out this way. :cheers:
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