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Timber harvest started today

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We decided to have a white oak harvest of our farm this fall. It was originally suppose to start the end of September but I got a phone call last night from my logger stating he was starting today. Great news as now weather permitting he should be done well before deer season and should give the farm plenty of time to calm down before the rut starts. Our plan is to reinvest the harvest money into a lake in the spring.

There is a very small, shallow/silted in pond off of my logging road in the middle of my timber. It is approximately 15' wide x 40' long and when wet outside would hold a mud puddle of water at best and always full of deer tracks. This past weekend I opened it up the best I could with the box blade. My hopes are now it will hold 1-2' of water when filled and if so should provide a nice watering hole for the deer.
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Ya that's not a pond! A watering hole, I'll agree with. I'd spray the vegetation in and around it too. It's amazing how much water they will soak up. May not help a lot but could give you just a bit more water for a longer period. You probably know its limitations for a source of water but it could be a good spot for bucks traveling through to get a sip. Sometimes those small holes in travel corridors are used more than bigger source of water.

Good luck on the logging! The tops will be a great browse source for the deer.
The dirt in that water hole is clay so I am hoping after I got the leaf matter and silt out it holds water a little better. I know it won't hold much water but I bet it will get used a lot due to it's location.
Sounds like ideal breeding ground for the midge that transmits EHD.
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The regrowth from the timber harvest will be a boom for the deer, also it'll keep ya busy if you cut firewood.
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