Three kids and one Turkey.

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  1. I'll let Wingmaninmo fill in the details but there should be atleast one more bird if Alex could of connected Saturday. Picture of Jamie's first turkey and by looking at Alex's (on the left) face, you'd think he wasn't non too happy it either that his brother got one and he didn't ;).
    Alex, Jamie, and a friend of Mike's son Brendan


    These pic's are from this morning approx 9:30. After watching a big tom strut and drum infront of us off and on most of the morning about 60 yds out but wouldn't committ :stickfight:, and having 5 deer walk within 10 to 20 yards from us just outside the dekes, this Jake was in a wheat field behind us before Jamie took an impressive approx 40 yd one shot.

    Hunted both saturday and this morning, (Alex on saturday and both today). Saturday was tough and although Alex did take a shot a 20 plus pound Tom, it just wasn't meant to be as he ran and flew off. If Alex would of told me he only had one shell because he droped the other two earlier and didn't say anything he may have had another shot at the tom or the 2 jakes that just stood there for a second :bangin:. Brendan just never did have a good shot but for a youngin' he did great even when we had 3 hens walk up to the dekes and mingled around within 10 yards for about 10 minutes on Saturday.

    I'll let Mike and his creative report writting skills ;) tell how the weekend went. Thanks again Mike :cheers:.


    p.s. Just thought of something, Alex managed not to spill a drink all weekend with your daughter and her friends around :hysterical:.

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    Good job guys. 33% success on a 2 day hunt ain't bad.

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    Good job guys way to go.:eek::eek:
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    John great story and Congrats to Jamie!!:dancin:

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    Sounds like a fun weekend!
    Congrats to Jamie!
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    Congrats to the youngster:banana:
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    Day 1

    creative report writing ha, just tell it like it is, i hate turkeys.:banghead: put some birds to bed friday night to go out and watch the hens take him the other way. went to plan B on another property. on the way there seen a tom out in a stubble field working his way to a tree line where i know they hang out so we beat him to the trees and waited. one tom turned into 25 or so turkeys. of course two hens get within 5 feet of alex while the rest milled around. hens went back to the group and then they all started to cut the field about 30 yards out from the tree line. two hens passed and then the rest with the tom in front. told alex to kill the bird but he was unsure which one to take. with all the commotion turkeys were now at a half:ass: trot across the field. at about 35 yards alex shots and you could see the pattern around the back half of the turkey when it hit the dirt behind him. he took off running and then to the air and then running again. didn't look to worse for wear. then the other tom and jakes stopped to figure out and both john and i were telling him to shoot one of them but he just stood there. i don't think he was impressed with us and our urgency when he didn't have anymore shells in the gun. seen the hole bunch running through the field with alex's gobbler apparently bringing up the rear, had some tail feathers a little worse for wear but he did not appear to be phased much. plan C at another property had the hens within feet of us with no gobbler attached to any of them. got to love it, either gobblers with a gagle of hens or hens with no gobbler. did get a gobbler fired up across a branch of the spring river but he wouldn't cross it so just listened to him gobbling for awhile before he left. that evening went and put birds to bed on another property.

    Day 2

    split up with brennan and his father on one side and the pate boys with john on the other side with me. sat up jamie for the shot. morning started with gobblers ripping it in three different directions. i couldn't tell how many birds were gobbling but there were a bunch. just about day light i stole jamies boonie hat and we got the fly down sequence started which fired up the three toms across the field from us about 100 yards from brennan. they pitched out and took a b-line to brennan. for some reason about 50 yards from them they all kept running but turned in our direction. two of them ran right out the field but the dominate boy came to within 60 hards and just locked up tight strutting and gobbling. could hear him drumming and just working it. heard the hens start up and at fly down only four or five pitched out into the field. have the rest pitched down and headed north. of course the big boy left us and started in with the hens. tried getting the girls riled up to come on over but the ole boss just sat there cussing me every time i mimiced her. the worked around and then left the field. of course he followed. i started getting aggressive again and he came back out but never would work. i knew he seen our set up when he started getting close his head would just turn blood red. when he turned to go away lost its color back to white. about that time a jake pitches over some trees from an ajoining field and glides past us. about 9:15 got up to stretch because i am old and my back doesn't last long against trees anymore. while stretching looked behind us and 40 yards out there stood the jake just looking into the corner we were in. luckily it is a thick brushy corner and he didn't get a good look at me. got jamie up and we watched the jake for awhile. everytime i would call he would just freeze and look so stopped and let him do what he was going to do. he walked by at about 40 yards and told jamie to step out from the tree and take him. at the shot the jake flipped and ran about 10 yards and fell. time hand to spur combat as i sprinted the distance and the fight was on. ok so i got a little battered but the first turkey was in the bag. never could get another fired up that day so out of two chances one turkey went home with them and the other is just a little heavier. i imagine that brennan will have his chance during the regular season as well as alex if he can find the time.

    sorry for the length. boys had a good time i think and i know i did. the grin on jamies face once the mask came off while walking to his bird makes an entire season worth it.
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    :cheers::cheers::cheers: way to go guys!!!

    MoBowman ```----------->
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  12. That right there capped off the trip for me. and then watchin' Brennan coming up to Jamie as were walking back to the truck and reaches out his hand to shake Jamie's and tell him congradulation's, kids a good sport indeed.

    Can't say it enough, but thanks again Mike :cheers: and if I can get Alex up there during the regular season i will, bygauley we've got a tag to fill ;)
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    don't owe me any thanks at all. i enjoyed it as much if not more than you guys. i get a kick out them boys of yours. not to mention, i think your boys made a new friend. james called and said brennan wants them to come back and hunt with him when we go again. yep, enjoyed the weekend a lot. wish that magic bb for alex would have found it's mark but at least he slowed it down for when he comes back.:D
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    Sounds like you all had a great time. That's awesome.

    Congrats, guys, on having the privilege of sharing such a fine day in the turkey woods with such good company. :cheers:
  15. :hysterical::hysterical::hysterical:

    I'm going to see what we can do about coming back up there, may have to be during the week tho, will that be problem with you??

    And no comment on the "p.s." in the original post ;)
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    Congrats John and Jamie.........Awesome :wave:
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    you weren't there during the gatoraide incident were you? we did have something spilt and he didn't even have it in his hands this time. he was so nervouse around the girls he knocked it off the table. forgot about that.:wave:
  18. I knew he was nervous around em but didn't hear about the gatoraid, I'll have to ask him about that ;). The might explain why he could he kept callin jenny Britney then ;). That boys got some issue's with girls that need to be dealt with or else he's going to have a nervous breakdown before he's even allowed to go out with one :stickfight: