This shouldn't be here but it was fun tonight...

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    This afternoon I had a bit of free time and the weather here is abnormally nice - it stinks for hunting - but anyway... Almost a year ago a friend gave me his old 22 cal rifle. It was an old Remington Md. 512 Sport Master - it had a Weaver K4 mounted with a reciever side mount. It is one of those as you adjust it the cross-hairs move in the scope. In this case they were up in the upper left side of the scope. Not going to work for me - so I ordered a Bushnell Banner 3x9x32 - as a 40 would not fit in the mount. As it was neither would the Bushnell - I had to grind the mount out to allow the turrents of the Bushnell to sit in the rings. I completed this project the other day - bore sighted it and today I took the time to got shoot it.

    I had no ideal how good or bad this model of Remington was, but 'Doc' said he got it as a young teen and used it to shoot squirrels with in Iowa where he grew up.

    Well tonight - I found out that old gun can shoot - I mean really shoot well. Here is the sight in target. You can see my sighting in took several turns to get there at 25 yards but I was running out of day light and wanted to get it done. Once I had the 25 yard dialed in I moved the target to 50, made one more adjustment in the scope and shot the 50 yard group... OK I was done - I wanted to shoot longer range targets - targets that would break... but I forgot the clay pigeons.. they are in the truck and I took the car out tonight.


    I ended up shooting dirt clods in the adjacent Winter Wheat field. And I could not believe the accuracy of this little OLD gun. I want this gun for shooting ground squirrels out of the meadow country - shooting to 125 yards... I normally use a .17HMR but have a second gun is nice. It was really fun to shoot and see the clods break + the long rifle high velocity shells I was using are a lot cheaper than the .17's.

    Here is the gun... it even looks old but you or at least I can not question it's ability to shoot...


    Gotta take some birds next time...
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    Fun report! I didn't know .17's were more expensive than .22's. Learn sumpin' new ever day!

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    Nice old rifle. Got yourself a good'un!
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