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This is what a really good day is...

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My son and I had watched a group of four deer (a big doe and three young ones) during firearms season, and although I could have killed one on a couple of occasions, it was his opportunity. Unfortunately, he never had a shot he could take.

So I headed down to the farm by myself last night, and set up this morning in a good spot. Around 7:00, I saw the four come out, get spooked, and take off behind me away from their bedding area. I figured that was the end of my morning, but I stayed put.

Glad I did. Shortly before 8:00, I heard something and saw movement to my left. All four were headed single file back to their bedding area about 80 yards away. Big momma had too much of an angle to shoot, so I found the last one in line and dropped it with a neck shot. Turned out to be a button buck, but we have that second deer for the freezer (and good eating, too).

Best part about it: I had the deer hanging, checked in, I got cleaned up, and made it back home in time to see my son wrestle for the championship of his middle school tournament. I didn't expect to see any of it. This was a great day.:)
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