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    We eat far more beef than venison. Does that package you buy say mad cow free. I'm not saying you should eat sick game of any kind but shouldn't the cdc be more consistent. How's that flu shot working less than 10% effective. Lots of sick people out there.
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    Oct 15, 2009
    New zealand has more captive deer farms than anywhere and I dont believe they test, at least theyve never found any CWD there.

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    Aug 9, 2017
    I'm sure they don't look too hard, but that was kinda my point, worrying about a few positives and letting venison be shipped in unregulated....I realize we know little about cwd.
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    They do take it seriously and test. They can't import if they don't.
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    THE TEST BEING PERFORMED ON DEAD DEER CAN NOT SAY WITH 100 PERCENT ACCURACY THAT A DEER DOES NOT HAVE CWD BUT A POSITIVE IlS 100 PERCENT SURE THE DEER DOES HAVE CWD. When the time comes that deer where i am do have cwd i will not chance feeding deer meat that is tested with a less then 100 percent rate of knowing to my family. The sad thing is THAT BASTIAN IS WORKING OUT A 100 PERCENT ACCURATE TEST WHERE A HUNTER IN THE FIELD CAN TEST THERE KILL WITH THE BLOOD OR THAT DEER COULD BE LIVE TRAPPED AND ONLY THE SICK REMOVED.When those whose job description should include doing the right thing gets to the pearly gates i would think that clicking on the contact Dr Bastian tab might save his soul.
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    Don't get your hopes too high David.