The one that didn't get away.

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    I am gonna try and keep this short.

    I got to the farm monday around noon. Put my stand up came back cleaned up and went back out around 3 to hunt. Saw real good movment. Had does bed down north of me saw couple good bucks just out of range. Thought man if this is any indication of what is to be, Tuesday should be money.

    Got settled in Tuesday for an all day sit. saw lots of deer up til bout noon. East wind was killin me, Does would cruise through, catch my wind, get nervous, and head back north. They never blew, but just frustrating seeing it multiple times. End result long day with no success, I was whiped after that all day sit. SO much I was talking of not even hunting wed morning. HabitatMD got a good smell of the sour grapes I was eating that night. Some of my possible decision to not hunt was because of time crunch too, places to go people to see.

    Woke up at 6 and decided to give it a go. I had a good hike to get my set out but hunting til 9 Should get me on the road by 11. Unless I shoot something. :D. Deer started moving bout 8:15. I had a SW wind this time so it was WAY better for me. things died down just as fast it got going. About 8:40 I heard a buck grunt to my SW. glassed around saw some does and a buck. Hit the VECtor and he perked up. watchin him I see this doe almost on top ofme from the south. well she passed on by to my east. And here he came. I grabbed my bow. He was walking the same path as that doe I glassed him and thought he wasn't that big. I didn't think I was going to shoot him. Well he walked 15 yards from me and seemed to grow a little more. Finally he hit my wind stream and put on the brakes. This is what did me in. He turned his head my direction and I was like OHHH man this guy is bigger than I thought. He stared backing out and turned south. He stepped in a lil window about 15 yards and the rest is history. I am guessing low to mid 130's is what he will score. I don't think I ever put this much effort into a short 2 day hunt as I did this one. But because of that, it definitely made one of my most memorble hunts to date.

    Also, Thanks to a few of ya here that helped me. :cheers:

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    racks-n-beards Chiefs FANatic

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    Congrats!:2thumbsup: That is one fine buck.
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    Sep 5, 2008
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    Congratulations, nice buck. :cheers:
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    thats a dandy :eek::
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    congrats on a dandy buck
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    Great Job Racks, Super happy for you:eek:::cheers::claphands:
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    Congrats buddy. YOu were definately due. :claphands::claphands::eek::
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    Way to go Racks, not too bad for a Chiefs fan.....:D

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    Good job Nate.:cheers:
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    Goood looking deer! Congrats!
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    Well done. :cheers::claphands:
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    Corngrats Nate!!!That's a dandy buck!!

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    Funny how the racks seem on the smaller side until they get real close. Good mature buck you got there. I hope to get one close to that size in the next few days. :2thumbsup:
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    Now you done it-I am jealous-Great harvest

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    Dec 27, 2005
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    Hey I found this if ya need it :stirpot:

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    Ohh man!! That was good Rod!! :rof2::rof2::rof2: