The news and AR-15's/assult rifle

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    I saw on the news today that the military had givven 200 AR-15's to a town and the Mayor of that town is under heat for his desision on which poice officers will be allowed to cary them to potentially use them in confrontations with criminals.

    When the news was describing the rifels they showed a picter of a gun and called it a semi auto matic rifle AR-15 type.

    Now if they had been reporting the story about you or me having the rifle it woudl have been called a assult rifle. NO talk of it being semi auto matic and no AR-15 nolecture.

    Least we know the media knows the diference beteween a full automatic and semi automatic and in times past when tehy incorectly used the wrong word its been by perpose not acident. It all depends on what fits there agenda at the time.
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    [rquote=1281190&tid=89648&author=Longbow26]It all depends on what fits there agenda at the time.[/rquote]

    You nailed it...

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    I call it "Rifle Profiling", isn't "profiling" a hate crime now?