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As most of you have already figerd out I am lukilly maried to the most acepting and adapting carring and loving wife that GOD ever made.

June 7 was our 7th year wedding aniversery. This Christmass will be the 9th X mass that we have known each other.

Ok now to my point.

The evolution of comfortability with fire arms

When my wife was around 10 years old (1989) her dad handed her a shotgun and told her to put it to her sholder and shot it. He laoded it with the hardest hitting shell he could put in it. It scard the heck out of her. He then had her shot the bigest caliber rifle he ownd, same result. The the bigest bore pistol, once again same result.
So scard was my wife that on one of our dates to my freinds house when he and I went target practicing at his range 100 yards from the house and my wife to be and freinds wife stayed at the hosue talking. My wife urinated her pants when she heard the first gun shot go off. That was in 2000

Eventually she got to where she would hold a hand gun and in 2004 she agreed to shot my freinds wifes 22lr revolver. She got comfortable enouf that on October 12th 2004 she selected a Smith and Wesson 22lr revolver for her 25th birthday present.
It was around that time she started to shot my 12ga shotgun with bird laods as well and eventually asked if we can afford to get her a 20ga shotgun that fit her better then my Remington 11-87 12ga. So we got her a Remington 870 youth 20ga.

In 2006 she took the hunter ed class and in the spring of 2007 sighted her shotgun in with turkey loads and went spring turkey hunting wiht me and our son LittleLongbow26. Sadly no bords showed up on the two days we had to hunt. That fall whiel son and I went to the range to target practice our deer rifles she went with us even thouhg she was still uncertin if she would go deer hunting or not. She still thouhgt of deer as to cute to shot even thouhg she loves eatting venisen.
My son was shoting his Remington model 7 in 223 a rifle my wife had shot as well on ocasion that year. I braught my Marlin 35rem along to shot once son and posible my wife were done shoting. Once our son had shot 60 rounds and I asked my wife is she wanted to shot any befor Ryan shots up all the ammo we had braught with us, she said yes but I want to shot your gun. Any reason I cant shot your lever rifle. she asked? I dint bother pointing out that the 35rem shoting hornady lever lution ammo will kick more then the 223. I simple said no reason at all let me laod it up for you. In no time flat the 3 boxes of Hornady lever lution ammo were empty cases on the shoting table. The target starting at 25 yards was at its final resting spot of 100 yards. Not a single shot out side of the black. My wife said to me. I dont know what you are going to deer hunt with, but I am going to deer hunt with this rifle rt here. There was no sence in reminder her that the rifle she was so pasionatly holding was the very rifle she had given me for my birthday present earlier that year. So I had to find a diferent rifle to use for the 2007 deer sason.

Then comes along BabyLongbow26 in Oct 6 2008 and it put a crimp on future pland gun percheses for a bit. It was her intention to get a Remington semi auto 20ga for her own use.

One day out of the blue in 2009 my wife asked me is her 22lr revolver was enouf to use for home defence. I replied well its better then using a basball bat. She simple stated then we ahve ot get me a biger caliber hand gun. We desided to stick with revolver format since she was usto that. We found her a Ruger SP 101 in 357 with a 3inch abrel since no one could get a 2 inch barell. We boht intend to take the conceal and cary class some day. And made her hand gun perchase for that perpose.

Wife almosts gets to use her 357 revolver.

As we always do befor I go on any hunting trip that will keep me away over night. We go to teh range and wife shoots some 20ga rounds and some rounds out both her revolvers. The 22lr is still better then using a baseball bat. My son and I left on October 27th to the lease up in Scottland County for the youth deer hunt on Oct 31st and Nov 1st. Son still had a fall turkey tag to fill.
I drove our car to my freinds house in Arnold my ford truck was still in the shop getting its breaks fixed. of the 3 veicels normally in the driveway only her work truck was there. My wife was not worried. She knows how to use any gun in the house and is comfortable using them at the range. Plus we have the ADT alarm system.

On Nov 1st at 00:30 am the alarm went off in the pannel in the master bedroom. It blard my wife awak and she got out of bed and walked into the hall way and noticed from the light given off from the stove light in the kitchen a figer standing in the hallway at the top of the steps. She ducked into the bedroom and retreived the revolver and the phone and re enterd the hallway as she diald 911. She ternd on the hallway light with her elbow and raised her revolver laoded with 357 rounds pulling back the hammer as she raised the gun to line the sights on the intruder.
We dont know what starteld the would be bergler more. The fact that some one was actually home? Or that there was a atractive ladie standing in the hallway in nothing but her underwear bringging a gun up to bear to him. She thinks it was a male even thouhg she could not see any facial feuters since the intruder was wearing a face mask, but if it was a female it was the most flat chested female any one has ever seen.
My wife told me her shoting arm felt like the world was sitting on it. She could not raise the gun fast enoufe to line the sights up so she could shot the intruder. She had heard me coment enouf times that to take a shot not on a intended target is waisting ammo. In a defence situation you dont know how menny rounds you going to nead use the ones you have wislly.
The would be bergler desided it was wiser to pick a diferent location to be at the moment and exited out house threw the front door. My wife dint shot since the gun dint line up untill after the bergler had already ternd and started down the stairs.

She does not remember what she said to the operater on 911, but a police car was at our hosue 40 seconds after the call was placed.

My wife went from being afraid to seeing a gun and hearing them go off, to standing in our hallway barring acess to our 1 year olds room; ready to defend her self and him with a gun in 20 years.

After that atempted robery my wife desided she neads somethign bigger then her 357 revolver. So she has taken over one of my Spring Feild 1911A1 in 45acp handguns.

She no longer snikers at me when I go check a unknown sound late at night armed with a handgun.
When she goes and checks on unknown noise she is carrying a gun now as well. She usto call me Mr Paranoid. She now calls us Mr and Mrs Paranoid or the Paranoids for short.

Yes I am a luky man. I am married to some one who shars my balifes in GOD and COUNTRY and in our RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS and who is willing to use them if the nead arrises.

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glad she didnt pee herself
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