The end to kansas's 2009 season

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    Today was the last day for the 2009 Kansas spring turkey season. I decided to brave the bugs and heat and give it a last horrah. I have had some excellent hunts in the past on the last weekend of the Kansas season so why not. I drove out yesterday afternoon for an evening hunt and some scouting. I spotted a mature gobbler loafing in the shade with some hens,,but only after they had me spotted as well. I moved to my intended setup about 6:00 in the evening and had dekes set and was ready by 6:30. I fed the skeeters and ticks thru my wet from sweat clothes, but still had an eventful evening. I had 6 different hens respond to my calls and come into my setup. One had about a 4 or 5 inch beard and didn't know how bad she was tempting fate the way the skeeters were chewing on me. No gobblers showed up so I went to the truck alittle before dark and ate and went to sleep. I just slept in the truck with the window down and the AC on high. This morning I moved to the smaller farm where I had seen the gobbler the afternoon before. We have always seen turkeys on this place, but it is small with very little timber so we had never setup for a morning hunt on it. I was setup at 5:15 AM . I put out 3 dekes and used the chairblind Patrick got me for my birthday because there was little cover on the side of the field I chose to setup on. The gobbler started gobbling about 5:30 and was on my side of the field in a tiny clump of cottonwoods. I had figured he would be across from me in a much larger patch of whiteoaks. When full light arrived I gave some soft yelps and he hammered back. It was a classic hunt with him showing up in the field 200 yrds down and strutting and gobbling all the way to his demise. I dropped him at around 6:00 AM and was soon headed home. Now I gotta wait almost another full year to chase the spring birds again.


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    Attaboy henry. Good finish to your season. :claphands: :cheers:

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    way to go henry!
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    Kansas is it man. Congrats henry
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    Congrats Henry
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    Congrats Henry on a great bird!!!!!!:cheers:
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    in hiding

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    Great Stuff Henry And a wonderful end to a great season Congrats :woot:
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    Very nice henry!:claphands::claphands::claphands:
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    Love your avatar,,its great of you to post a pic of a old man in your avatar:2thumbsup:

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    :claphands: Nice finish to the season
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    Congrats, henry! :cheers: But I just don't think it's right shooting them in a chair!:peepwall:
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    way to finish out the year:claphands:

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    [rquote=1281737&tid=89662&author=lma]Congrats, henry! :cheers: But I just don't think it's right shooting them in a chair!:peepwall:[/rquote]


    Way to be Henry for braving the elements!

    The bugs and the heat is alot worse than cold and wet.IMO

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    Feb 19, 2009
    awesome story, the MO season seems like it ended 5 months ago. Way to stay with it!:cheers:
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    Nothing sweeter than finishing it in the bottom of the ninth, congrats on a nice KS bird :cheers:
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    Way to finish out henry! :cheers:
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    Nice job....

    I forgot to tell you after I forwarded your text to Inhuntress she wanted me to tell you that you suck!