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The boy is tagged out till rifle!

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After I got back home this AM I ran to dig a torn up crappy blind out of some thorn trees to see if it was salvageable. It kind of was. Stuck it in a terrace/old fence line for the boys hunt tonight. We were seeing plenty of deer but the better bucks were not coming in range. He is nine and his patience is about like his mother's.... with all the holes I could only open up a corner window. We had a high and tight 8 hope the fence into 20 yards but it happened to quick and he was past our hole. A doe came in behind us of course and blew her head off. Cleared the field but it was early. They all came back but farther down. There was a better bachelor group that had been coming through, just later so I was pretty confident still. 30 min before dark a nice buck hopped over and I stopped him and the boy smoked him at 30 yards with his crossgun. We waited a bit and got out face to face with a stud that I would like to get a better look at. Followed kind of a crappy blood trail to a ditch where we heard him crash. He was not there but he was just on the other side in the field. Traveled about 60 yards. I would have backed out honestly by the blood trail but I had a good look at the impact.

I had 21 acres in soybeans that i combine but the sprayer man killed them somehow so I broadcast daikon radishes and a few turips. A ton of ladino came up too and in our 4 hunts out there we saw around 40 deer a night and more bucks every night. I love those radishes. I'm probably going to mess around chasing a deer that is going to be very tuff to kill and miss a ton of good hunting at my own farm. My age structure is getting better. From the looks of things a year or 2 it should be really good.
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YES!!!!!!!! Congratulations!
Congratulations to your Son!!!!! That is a heck of a Buck for the young man!!!
SSSSsssssssssswwwweeeeeeet. Congrats little man
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That's awesome. Good for him! Congratulations.
Outstanding! Congrats to him, that’s a great buck.
Great deer.conhrats to your son. :cheers:
What a deal, the smile says it all!
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Congrats to both of you :guitar:
Heck yeah!
Great buck for that young man!

Way to go
Congrats! Really nice deer. The smile on his face tells the whole story!!!
Hell yeah!
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