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This was his first hunt with a smokepole.
Second evening we had got to hunt. first day was as cold and windy as any day I remember hunting.
Never saw no deer.
This evening was much nicer. Guess the deer thought so as well. We had a group of 4 does come in before 4pm . they were very spooky. And did not stay long. He did not get a shot. the big lead doe started the foot stomping the they headed out before he could make it happen.
About an hour later 3 more came in started feeding.
Took this one at 65 yards. And she ran maybe another 65 out of the food plot. I got to film the hunt.
He is sure proud of the time spent on the tractor this summer. I of course, am proud of him as well.


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Thats a great deal. Its good to see another young hunter learning how productive the late season can be.:eek::

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