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The bite has broken loose

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It's that time of year and we finally got two consecutive days of good weather. Caught 30 good whites, 10 hybrids and one 4.5lb. black in two hours Sat.(11th). Did better Sun. a.m. The fish are ready to make their run up the rivers, creeks and to the banks here on DeGray. Crappie have been doing good for a few weeks. You folks in So. Mo. generally run two weeks behind us, so get your gear READY. Discounting Jigman and DSG of course(they can catch fish in the desert), us mortals can catch a bunch of fish without really trying at this time.
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I doubt DSG could catch a fish in the desert without his sidekicks ey Chairman?
yes it has. i have already wrenched out a couple limits of under 12" bass out of a couple of lakes. even caught a 12 crappie today with my ole crappie pole!

however, this upcoming cold front will push the bite back. but after we have a few more over 60 days, the water will be just right to start workin over the slabs!
I'm looking forward to getting back up that way. The smaller whites are loaded up in the Caddo River and Brushy Creek. Night temps aren't good, but the big females are staging in the upper lake. The darn hybrids still make me flinch when they hit. The camper is relegated to deer/turkey camp for April. (I didn't feel like paying for all repairs necessary)I'll be pulling a very nice rental up there. Be sure to say, "Hi"
to Red and kid.
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