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Wife and I had the perfect textbook hunt Saturday morning. We got out to the farm early and walked in to the field we had decided to hunt. Beautiful full moon lighting up the hike in. Just as we were setting up our hide and I was getting dekes ready, the first bird gobbled off about 100 yds from us. That put us in hurry up mode to get set up. Within a few minutes that first bird had some friends join him in his morning chorus. We had 5 different gobblers talking from 3 different corners of the field. To tell you the truth, I was shocked because prior to Saturday we hadn't been hearing any birds talking.

So as the sky began to lighten up, I let out a few soft tree clucks and purrs and the 2 birds closest to us answered immediately. From where we were sitting, we couldn't see them on the roost but we could hear 1 of them drumming in the tree. After a few minutes and good light, I let out a fly down cackle and all the birds on the field went crazy. Now I was feeling pretty confident about the morning. I did a second fly down and the cut and cackled with my mouth call and slate at the same time. The field exploded with gobbling again. About 10 seconds later I heard the closest birds fly down and immediately start strutting and drumming. I told my wife to get ready and I kept calling because I was hearing hens on the opposite side of the field. Within about 2 minutes, I saw the gobblers appear to my left at about 20 yds. They let out a thunderous gobble and then charged my Jake decoy and flogged him all over. Of course my wife already had her gun ready and immediately went 1, 2... I had to stop her at 2, I still had my slate call in my hand and gun in my lap enjoying the show. So I grabbed my gun, she counted to 3 and boom, boom 2 turkeys flopping at 20 yds. Hunt was over by 615.

I've killed a lot of turkeys over the years, but haven't had very many early morning successes. Its bitter sweet for sure.

I have to give my wife credit for our luck. Everytime we've hunted together with success, we've had multiple birds come in. This is our second double together and she's been with me on 3 other hunts when I've killed a bird out of a group. I love hunting with her and the kids. Hopefully we can get the kids a chance of their own before season ends.
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Thats exciting stuff, congrats! On the X is an understatement.

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Gotta be fun having a significant other who likes to hunt. Congrats!
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