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The corp is sure messing with my fishing. My house is at the bottom end of the lake Taneycomo and unless they are really dumping water at tablerock there isnt enough water to launch your boat. The power site dam has a broken gate so it is releasing to much water. The docks are setting in the mud most of the day. Im sure glad i pulled mine out.
We went up by the landing to put in which wasnt an issue but they started running all the gens and it took me 5 tries to get the boat back on the trailer to leave. Try loading a 2072 Grizzly in fast water. The boats a challange when its calm.

I sure hope they drop bull shoals enough to fix the dam. It has to be below 687 and not much progress is being made.

This stinks.
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You down by rockaway beach ?
Yep. West of. I dont live there though, we go down about every other week.
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