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Tall tines 58" [email protected] Recurve bow (Custom made)

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I am letting go of one of my stick bows. Have shot several deer with it and its got mojo. I just shoot my longbows more.

It is a 58" 3 piece Tall tines Recurve. 47lbs @ 27" draw. If you draw 28"s it is 50lbs, 26"s 44lbs and so on and so forth. I would not recommend this bow if you draw over 28.5"s. This bow is 2.5 years old and I waited 6 months to get it. Save yourself the build time on a custom and buy this!

These bows are built by Brian Wessel in Iowa. He learned from Dave Windauer of Schafer archery and Paul Schafer (of Schafer Silvertip fame). So he learned from the best.

The riser woods are Wenge and Bocote with Bocote limb veneers and antler tips. It also has a checkered grip.

I will include a selway bolt on quiver that goes under the limb bolts. It has antler limb bolts as well and I have the original bolts and bezels.

Lastly, it will come with two 55" ten ring fury strings. These strings are made by Allen Schafer in Kentucky and they are the bees knees. Great strings that are $25.00 a piece

New this bow and accessories would cost $1450.00

I am willing to sell here for $950 shipped and insured to your door.

If interested...Please TEXT me at 314-956-4771
See attached photos.


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