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After hunting hard the first week with no success my cousin and I were able to tag out this week in two days.

Monday morning we located a bird on my place right at daylight. He was roosted back in the timber far enough we thought we could get pretty close without busting him.

We didn't bust him but did manage to bust out all the hens plus a subordinate Tom. It worked out for the best because although he quit gobbling he flew down in the timber and walked out to the decoy and was shot by 623.

After taking him home and cleaning him we headed for an 80 acre pasture my cousin has permission on. We spotted a lone Tom in the far corner, circled him,called him up and shot him all in about 30 minutes. That was the most fun of the two that morning. He put on quite a show gobbling and strutting as he came in.

That brings us to today. We sat up on some birds this morning and had two hens fly down right after daylight but the Tom stayed in the tree until about 7. He gobbled lots on the roost but just a handful of times on the ground and instead of coming in from the direction the hens did he made a 300 yard circle and came in the opposite direction. He surprised us and after finagling around I was able to get him shot at 35 yards just as he was making plans to go.

After cleaning him we were off to another property where we spotted a hen about 300 yards out in the field.

Not seeing anything else with her cousin thought it would be a good idea to call without being set up close to the edge and as soon as he did two birds hammered back just around the corner where we couldn't see. Of course when they rounded the corner and couldn't see anything they worked their way off to the live hen at the far end of the field. That worked out for the best though because while they were preoccupied at the other end I was able to belly crawl my half strut Jake decoy out to the edge and an hour later they worked their way up to within 25 yards at which point the fat lady sang and it was over.

My birds weighed 22 and 26 lbs. The 26 pounder is the heaviest bird I've ever killed. 10 1/2"and 11" beards. 1" and 7/8" spurs.

We didn't weigh his birds but they both had 10 1/2"beards and 3/4" spurs.

Of all the properties that him and I can hunt we only seen or heard 7 different toms that we know of. Four of those birds are now dead. We've never had a lot of birds around here due to having so much crop ground and very little cover but this year there is a noticeable decline in the number of birds seen and heard compared to the last couple of years and we've only seen one Jake while we were hunting this season.

I had already cut the beard off my first bird when I took the picture and I only got a picture of his first bird because I didn't have my phone when he shot the second one.
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Hopefully there's a good hatch this year.
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Good work. I'm glad it picked up for ya. Congrats to both you guys. :cool!:
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