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Wow. It’s like it never really happened. Still hasn’t sunk in yet. Saturday morning we went to my 65 acre piece. We hadn’t put much time into any farm except where Double Trouble lived. Since DT was gone we kinda moved on to fresh territory.
We were done for the morning and starting the long trek back to the truck. I asked Tackett if “that” is a deer. He said I think it is looking about 30 degrees off from where I was looking. Yes it is a big buck! So he spotted him. I never would have. He was at 328 yards away and lots of tall warm season grass in between us. After looking for a bit I told him, “I am pretty sure that is big Luey! Let’s go get him.”
So we crawled for ever and I ranged him again 270. Haha we had crawled an entire 60 yards. So we crawled until we hit 189 yards. I thought he knew we were there so I said I think we are toast. About that time a small buck came and jumped him and his doe up that we couldn’t see. Off they went around a hill top. So we got up and walked as fast as we could to the hill crest. Luck would have it they were having a stare down. Problem was there was no way to shoot out of super tall warm season grass. So we crawled until I just knew they were going to bust us. That small buck showing up actually did us a favor. He kept the big buck distracted good enough for all of this to take place. We were about a 100 yards and Tackett rested on my shoulder. BOOM! Down goes Frazier! I swear that the smaller buck smiled really big at us and then he ran off with the doe.
In a week or so Tackett turns 13. This is deer number 13. To bad it was a 14 pointer. Haha. It almost seems like this buck is a great “replacement” for Double Trouble.
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This buck is a 6x5 typical that goes 156 gross. Add the junk and he hits 166. Crawling several hundred yards was a lot harder than it used to be. We definitely had to work for this one.
What a crazy twist and ending to an already unbelievable year. God is great!

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Now that's a good deer there, congrats to that young man!
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