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suicide at "my" gun range

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There is a higher end gunshop/indoor range 5 miles from me,I go every couple months for the last 3 years.
Guy rented a gun and offed himself,2nd time this year,there was another one at the other local range.
Newspaper reported at 27 in the last decade here in Fl,but might be higher due to lack of central database tracking them.
Profile is white male,20-40 y.o.,that comes in alone.There was a mother that killed her son,then her self.
If you want to off yourself,fine,but feel bad for the employees and the negative publicity it brings.
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Wow sorry to hear that, don’t know what to make of people some days.
If its not the range they will find another way. I've lost a couple of close friends to suicide and neither one showed one sign of their troubles.
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If its not the range they will find another way. I've lost a couple of close friends to suicide and neither one showed one sign of their troubles.
Mental illness is a scary silent disease.
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I used to work at an indoor range, it had three bays for shooting, four, if you count the restroom where some guy popped himself.

That happened before I started working there, though I knew about it. Mental illness is nothing to ignore, for danged sure.
That happened around here at Ultimate Defense awhile back. Suicide is a pretty selfish act to begin with but to force others to see it happen like that is even worse. I mean, I realize that there is a mental illness involved but that is 100% lack of thought for others involved....
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It has happened at the Conservation Range here in SWMO too.
Are we sure non of these were AD’s?
Bad deal. Even though it has hit very close to home for me, I had no idea how many struggle with this. I guess my own personal losses had created a huge lack of sympathy because of the selfish nature of suicide....and I guess I have been pretty pizzed off as well.
I have fairly recently begun to reassess my ideas on this and a lot of things. I have learned to lose a lot of the judgemental naturei have had and grant forgiveness to those close to me that I have lost.
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We lost one member here to suicide.

This will continue to happen as long as 99% of people continue to pass judgement and strengthen the stigma instead of extending a smile, handshake, or understanding ear.

Stay on the bandwagon and point and stare or pave your own path and help thy neighbor...
Idk I have always felt like it’s up to the person to help themselves.I feel sorry for the families involved and the kids left without mothers and fathers,or mother and fathers left without sons or daughters.I have been near a few of these tragedies and it’s not always people made fun of or bullied or with no friends.Sometimes the person just gets mad and feels sorry for their self just one random night over one incident and just does it without thinking.I guess that’s why I think it’s up to the person.Cause I have seen multiple cases where people had friends and family that loved them dearly and none of that helped anything.Its a strange thing that happens in people’s minds and we will never stop it
Just an update,for what its worth.
Got an e-mail saying they would be closed for 3 days to"update their Pos to better serve customers",then another e-mail saying on our next visit we have to update our membership info.

Just a guess,but I bet they somehow increased security and vetting process.

Really nice place alamorange.com
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