Sudan Grass/ sorgum????

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    has any one planted it as a foodplot or any other reason?? .. I imagine it would be good for all types of wildlife but i wondred how deer would like it. Spoke with a guy at work and he said after a frost the sugars go to the leaves but that sounds much like a Turnip/Rape type of plant but its planted more in the Spring from what I have gathered .

    any info would be most appreciated

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    I have never planted it for a foodplot, and don't know if I ever would....Because, if you can not get in there and brush hog or cut it for hay regularly if you establish it in the spring, you are gunna have an 8-12 foot tall food plot that ya can't see a single deer in. When it gets that size it is really stemmy too, and the leaves a little harder and not as lush, which I can't see as the deer would like that. :confused: But, if you can cut or brush hog it regularly to keep the height in check, you should have a decent looking food plot. You will only get one season out of though.
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    My thoughts was as a Summer foodplot ..kinda around the edges then let it grow along the sides kinda as a cover for the deer.
    thankyou for your thoughts
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    Mar 26, 2008
    Both are warm season grasses that can handle drought a little better than corn can. The sudan grass can get fairly tall but 8' would probably be the upper limit. Sorghum won't get more than 5' tall tops.
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    Sudangrass is very tall. I never plant it for deer foodplots, actually plant it for quail and pheasants because the seed heads are tall enough to escape browse by deer. During winter the seedheads will break down to ground level for the birds. it makes very good screening cover in late summer into fall and deer love to bed in it. You could plant this in strips through green browse plots or along edges of timber lines for travel corridors. I have had good success if using a planter to put every other box sudan and the others sorghum. This way you get a foodplot incorporated into your screening cover. As far as sugars go, the guy you talked to might have been thinking about using it for silage or bailing it. Deer typically won't eat the stalks or leaves unless green.