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Successful first hunt for my Niece

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After my Niece moved out here from NY last year, she expressed interest in hunting and shooting, but with everything going on leading up to last years season, we never got to go to the range or anything in time for last year. After range time this year, where she proved to be a pretty good shot, we geared up for her to hunt this year, so we went out this weekend. After Saturday being DEAD and a slow morning this morning (Only saw one spike that never presented an opportunity), she was able to finally connect with a Doe this evening. She was lollygagging for at least half an hour while we sat there and watched her, I'm pretty sure she saw us and was trying to figure us out at least once because of how she was moving her head while looking at us and stomping her front hoof, but she never really raised a big alarm and then continued on, until she meandered into exactly where we needed her to be and my Niece delivered a round that connected perfectly. She went maybe 50 yards and crashed within sight of us. Upon field dressing, found she obliterated the top of the heart and I believe one lung.

My grandfather would definitely be proud of his great-granddaughter.

Glad to see so many young ladies into hunting and getting out there and connecting.

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Congrats to your niece and all those that helped her along the way.
Nice doe. Congrats to her and I hope it's just the beginning of a long list. :cool!:
Good on her. Congrats on using a modern sporting rifle!
Well done young lady!
Good for her, congrats
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