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You need to go to the MDC page and search on the Interactive Maps or the Conservation Atlas for places to hunt close to St. Charles. There places you can hunt that are relatively close to St. Chuck.

"Where are some good places to bowhunt suburban areas in St. Charles other that Cuivre and Howell Islands? Someplace that doesn't have a lot of pressure or is a place no one pays attention to?"

Yeah and I am looking for a Full Size 4 WD truck, with less than 20K miles, that gets 50 mpg for $2500.

I don't think such a place exists, and if it did I would be hunting it and not telling anyone else, much less a public internet forum...:roll2:

Its pretty much a trade-off hunt close on the weekends and deal with pressure, or drive further to get away from the crowds.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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