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    Get and read the book Dead On! by John Jeanneney

    Dead On! Deer Anatomy and Shot Placement for Bow and Gun Hunters. Tracking Techniques for Wounded Whitetails!

    Parker and Trapper recommended this book to me and I've now read it 3 times, cover to cover. It is full of great information and should be required reading for anyone heading out into the woods to kill a deer.

    You can get it on Amazon for $13.95
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    From that past thread:

    If you've got an interest in being the best blood trailer you can be, I would HIGHLY suggest checking out John Jeanneney's book "Dead On!"

    It is a very detailed approach to blood trailing that will be very beneficial to a blood trail follower.

    Its not very long, but it is JAMMED full of information. I suggest reading it with a highlighter in hand, so you can refer back to it quickly before you hit a trail this fall.


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    x1000!! Great book!!!
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    It's paid for itself many time over and will continue to do so.......awesome book that is packed information!
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    Great book that will make you think! I've read mine twice