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    since i bought a drill off this site this year i drilled my soybeans in on saturday, as a test i drilled 1 acre on 8 inch rows and the rest on 16 inch rows, i know the 16 inch rows will be fine but is the 8 inch to close? ive seen ag studies where they have done this before but im not real sure it was a good idea, has anyone ever tried 8 inch rows?
  2. Jeremy


    Dec 22, 2006
    people do it all the time. i guess it really depends what your wanting out of your it for money, or for animal forage? if its for plots, i wouldnt worry about them being too close and animals will browse them regardless.

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    Back on the farm, dad would plant his soybeans with the grain press drill. He plugged every other hole, so your 8 inch spacing will be fine.
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    Did you double/increase the seeding rate as a result? If so, you should see an increase in the per acre yields of seed, but I wouldn't expect much, if any increase in forage yields. I think you would have been better off planting another acre myself.
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    We have always drilled ours on 8 inch spacings. We normally drill about 70 to 75 pnds per acre. There are pro's and cons to both narrow and wide spacings on soybeans. I have raised 55 buschel beans using my ole 18 hole drill. Its probably going to come down to preference on your part.

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    As long as you have less than about 6plants per foot you'll be ok. Be better with only 2-3 per foot on 7" spacing which would be between 65 and 80 pounds per acre.
    Assuming of course you want a population of 180-220K/A drilled.

    Population, spacing, soil etc all make a difference in pod fill and ultimate yield. If you dont intend to harvest I wouldnt lose any sleep.
    Most folks I know went back to 30" beans after the narrow-row craze subsided but there are still plenty of nr bean farmers for sure.
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    If you'd quit roofing and just become a full-time farmer as well as a consultant for me you'd have her figured out:whistle::wave::cheers:

    Glad you got the plots In:cheers: