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    I was just given 5 bags of a "Becks" brand Liberty Link beans seed dated March of 2017. Becks seems to an Indiana company.. I have never heard of them and on the bag it says "Grown in Illinois, Ohio, Indiana" and a couple other more "northern" type states.

    Wondering if they'd still be any good and would they be a quicker growing bean since up there the growing season would be shorter ( assuming there)?

    Dont really have a place for them and if someone wanted to give them a try might work something out or I'll do a quick disc job someplace and throw them out there just because I wont let them go to the mice.
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    Is there a brand number on the bag such as 4453X2 or similar? This will tell you the maturity group and give you an idea of plant timing and latitude adaptation..

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    If they've been kept dry, they'll still be fine.
    If you disc and broadcast, you will need to lightly disc after broadcasting.
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    There is hundreds of Becks seed dealers throughout the state I'm sure it came from a Missouri dealer
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    the only thing I can see that would resemble a code like that is 419L4. Lord knows what that means tho
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    ok well Its been awhile since I have really paid attention to seed brands
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    Just take about 20 of them and put them in a wet paper towel, and seal the paper towel in a ziplock bag. Kept inside they should germinate in a few days, it will give you a good idea of what you have.

    Where are you located?
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    Higbee area
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    Beck's are fine seed. Germination on oil seeds like beans fall off pretty quick compared to corn. I would do a germ test, as explained above, and adjust the rate accordingly, if needed.
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    I’ve heard of some farmers that have left over seed from the year before do a germination test. If they have 50% germination they just plant 50% more seed.