Sons biggest Buck to date!!!!

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    Well I will try to make this short and sweet. We hunted in Grundy County where we normally hunt. My youngest son Lane who is 13 has been bowhunting this year and well we have been struggling to get a deer into bow range.
    We were both at the farmers house on Friday before dark to get setup. We didn't see anything in the fields or draws. Sat morning we hunted the timber in the Acorns till 12:15 pm. We did not see a single deer. We went back to the truck and ate some lunch and went out to a new tower stand and hunted till dark. Once again not a single deer was seen. I was really down and out about it. I just knew this was going to be the year for him to shoot a good one? We took the farmer and his family out to eat that night and the farmer kept telling Lane there out there you just got to keep trying.
    Well this morning we changed tactics. We started out in the CRP fields in a tower blind overlooking about a 100 acre field. As soon as it was light enough to see through Binoc's we see deer running around going nuts. At one point we had 2 8 pointers chasing 5-7 Does all around the field. I could not get them to stop long enough for him to get a proper shot. Finally after about 15 mins of pure torture on a 13 year old with 2 decent bucks bigger than anything he had killed to date. I caught movement on top of the hill and see a deer standing there looking things over. As soon as I get the Binoc's up and I see this deer I almost hollered don't shoot either of those bucks. He looks up and says why not? I just tell him to be prepared for a longer shot at a big buck. He says Dad are you serious? I said take a look ontop of the hill. He looks through the scope and says oh Dad you got to be kidding me? I told him he could not shoot it while it was skylined and he understood that. Well this buck could not take the smaller deer chasing the Does around. And down the hill he came all bristled up.
    Shot was at 120 yards with a .25 WSSM 110 grain bonded bullets. On the shot the deer hit the ground and did not move. High Fives were had, knuckle are bruised from the two of us. What a memory this will be for us both. He hunted his butt off and earned every part of this deer. The best thing he learned in my opinion is patience and dedication. If you shoot the first buck you see you just might miss the big one 5 mins. later........Smile says it all..... 9point 18-1/4" spread 220lbs plus I would say. I don't know what it scores and I could care less!!!!!!:cheers:


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    congrats on the big buck:cheers:

  3. :claphands::claphands::claphands::claphands::claphands:
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    Great story and great deer. Really enjoyed meeting you and your family this morning.
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    Sep 23, 2010
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    Aug 27, 2010
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    Hog of a body and stud rack to boot... great buck for sure!! What a story he will have monday at school. Congrats!!!!
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    Great story an dgreat buck, congrats.:eek::

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    Sweet buck and a great story! Nice pics too! :claphands:
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    Congrats!! Glad to see someone in our neighborhood put a good'en on the ground.
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    Great story!!

    Very nice photos as usual Lee!!

    Congrats to your son on a nice buck.
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    Lincoln Co.
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    Nice buck and certainly a great story. Sounds like he's learning good things from you.:claphands::claphands::eek:::cheers:

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    Great stuff. Congrats.
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    That is a dandy. Great deer and great smile from your son to match a rewarding hunt. Congratulations to your son and all those that helped make it happen. :claphands::cheers::cheers::eek:::eek::