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Picture of my bird with my gun and two go-to calls. The box call was made by a highschool friend of mine, David Ferguson, and the pot call was made by MDC agent, Vince Crawford.

My dad made this multi-critter meatpole primarily for deer but it works for turkeys too. He complained that he was now going to have to burn it down just to get rid of the smell.

Some mushroom photos

These turkey vultures were sunning themselves in a big dead white oak that is in our barn lot. I though the silhouette made a good photo. I don't know if they were waiting for Dad to keel over or trying to get some turkey scraps.

A couple photos of the vultures from the sun side of the tree. Interesting story - Where I killed my bird and where my truck was at had a lot of space between them so I packed the turkey across the creek, laid it by the field gate, and walked the quarter mile to my truck. Before I could get back to my turkey, maybe 10 minutes, the vultures were already lighting in nearby trees to start snacking on it. You'd think they'd be full from all the armadillos on the side of the road!


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All the pics are nice. You did a good job on the u picked mushroom.
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