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Some more Rock's... and a piece of Antler

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Some more Rock\'s... and a piece of Antler

Here are all the Rock's I've found in the past year...
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Them are some pretty.... um, rocks you got.. Wander if they are artifacts too?
Yeah some of them are... :cool: I think the big one's on the Bottom are, and maybe the big one in the center. The top black smooth thin Rock to the left of the Arrowhead at top... I think is a Pendant, that an Indian maybe tied something around and wore... and the dark greenish black piece to the right of the Arrowhead is petrified Wood.
howd you find that peice of antler, some good eyes
This one is a cool find!:cheers:
That antler piece looks like a pedical after it was shed but the end looks cut clean ?
Yeah I like that Arrowhead Pman. Nice color and everything... :dancin:

The piece of Antler is from a 3 point Buck I found last month in some Wood's. I was shed hunting, just happened to spot a Spine of a Deer near a blown down Tree. Then a Skull caught my Eye, and their was a partial Rack attached. I sold the full Anter for $3, and I cut the broken off side off both underneath the pedical, and above it also to about where the damage started. It was jagged. Nice little Trinket I think. By how white it is, I'd say it was dead for a year or so...
side two

Here is what the other side of the Arrowhead looks like...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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