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    Friend(Gary) of mine brought up the idea of having my granddaughter and his daughter participate in this year's youth hunt. The girls have been showing a lot of interest, so this seemed like the year. We started preparing,getting their hunter saftey cards, and shooting the gun that they would be using. Amber(my granddaughter) would be shooting grandma Gail's gun, a 7mm-08, and Heather(Gary's daughter) also would be shooting her new 7mm-08.
    The Hunt on Saturday was very much a success, with a lot of deer moving and the girls, having from their standpoint, a lot of fun. They saw a lot of bucks, both small and big, but couldn't get one broadside in front of them.
    Sunday morning was one of those days. The deer were on the move. Almost every doe we saw had a buck in pursuit. Finally one doe with a buck chasing her stopped in front of Heather. She made the shot, and she had her first deer. Amber's sit was full of excitement as bucks were moving all around us. She didn't get that broadside shot we wanted, but her day afield was one she won't forget.
    This was the girls first true hunting experience, and the youth hunt was a nice choice to introduce them to hunting as we know it. I am sure that this weekend has made two more hunters. Already, the girls are asking about when is the next hunt! Now on to the PICS!
    Here's Heather with her Buck.

    Proud mom and Guide dad.

    The New generation hunters with the first of many pics.

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    Congrats ladies!!! :claphands:
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    Congrats Ladies:eek::
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    Excellant! :eek:: Nice buck!! :claphands:

    Way to get those girls out there!!
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    :cheers:Great Buck!! Good job ladies!:eek:::eek::
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    Great Job .:eek:::claphands::claphands:

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    :claphands:Great Job Heather
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