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Slug choices

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For those that have experience with slugs, what is your brand/load of choice.

Have a Mossberg 500 20g with rifled barrel and scope. Gun has killed a few deer with regular Remington or Winchester slugs but looking for a possible better choice to try out.

My stand is in a thick funnel choked with honeysuckle with view of a small plot at 80-100 yards. Targeting mature bucks. Most shots would be 50 yards but definitely want to be able to reach out to the plot.
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Hornady SST shells always worked well for me. I have a savage 212 (12gauge) with rifled barrel and they shot well out of it. 100yds was no problem. With a solid rest I felt confident out to 150.
I do alot of hunting with a slug, due to the restrictions where I hunt, so I've shot a lot of different ones. The absolute best performance I have gotten is with the Lightfield slugs. They shoot well, expand great, and have only had one deer ever take more than 1 step after being shot. Look into those
the Remington premier tips are badazz for sure out of the H & R and the Mossberg 20's.
I’ve shot lightfields w 12g and 20 g and they have been great.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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