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    hey i seen your post in the ask mdc.swig got a letter and new cards in the mail recently so burg should get all of your guys stuff soon but the new rule is blind owner have to be in the blind a half hour before legal shooting now the time will change every day with the legal shooting time.seems like more of a hassle to me what was wrong with the 6am rule??just thought i would let you know what we new.
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    Nov 17, 2009
    Scott,Leasburg got his letter yesterday.

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    seems if they were gonna change the rules, they would have done it at the Blind lottery where most duckhunters would hear it and pass it on, changing the rules a week before the season causes all sorts of problems. thanks for the info, Mike and Billy.

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    no problem man it kinda ranks up there with them changing youth season this year in sept.seems they are getting all kinds of great ideas these days