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It has been a spell and we have some new members so I thought I should let folks know once again about my site to help hunters and anglers with disabilities. When I became disabled, I had to find something useful to do so I started my site. It has grown a great deal and has a ton of information on it so please utilize it. I don't do it for income, just to help out.

There are lots of sections so you can peruse them at your leisure, but pay special attention to the opportunities section where I have lots of information on free hunts and fishing trips, etc. That section is updated whenever I get new information, which happens a lot. Another one to watch is the regulation section where I have rules and links to state and provincial offices all over with special stuff for those with disabilities

Keep me in mind with any hunts or other special information you would like the word spread on as I get lots of hits on the site as well as calls and e-mails looking for information every day. Also, I like to get pictures of folks with disabilities with their trophies to put on the site. This is what I do, so please utilize me!
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