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Since all we do is talk about AR15's, 10's - let's see um...

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I figured Friday would be a good day to post up some pics of your AR15's. If you follow history the battlefield rifles that have been used in US conflicts have historically ended up being the guns that evolve into the guns that sportsman hunt with. The AR15/10 I don't believe will be an exception and as they gain popularity and additional calibers are added I think that future generations will adopt this platform as their weapon of choice (to some extent) to take to the field.

Anyway here are mine. As you can see I am still behind as always with optics. I have swapped the larue mounted quick release scopes to my AR10 to try it out but need to get some permanent glass on it. Also I have a stripped Noveske lower on the way that will get a RRA NM lower parts kit and a Magpul CTR stock. I will swap this one in on the iron sighted Noveske infidel upper you see in these pics. Then I guess I will have a built stag lower laying around that will get some reasonably priced upper barrel assy. That one may go to my son as a gift.

Anyway happy Friday everybody and post up them pics of your AR's!!







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Dont have one yet, but i will some day:D
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