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Good Native Shrubs to consider planting for wildlife

I would consider roughleaf dogwood, gray dogwood, american plum, blackberry and sumac as some of the most preferred shrub plantings for food and cover. These species provide excellent wildlife cover for a wide array of species, however their fruits can sometimes be eaten by the time late winter arrives.

Other species to consider that seem to hold berries longer into the fall or winter are deciduous holly, american beauty-berry, corralberry and black chokeberry. These species also tend to be a bit more showy in landscape settings.

Even though bush honeysuckle and autumn olive both provide an abundance of winter fruit that are relished by wildlife, these species escape cultivation easily and will become quite a nuisance. These exotic species have proven time and time again to cause trouble on public land and in suburban areas.

For more information or to order shrubs, see the web site below...

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