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    Just thought I'd share some pics of my shiitake mushroom logs. This is the second fall for this first batch of 20 logs and they are really producing well. This is the second flush so far this late summer/fall and by far the most mushrooms that we've had in one flush. I counted 227 that I could see on top and I know that there had to be some on the bottom side of the logs.

    I have some good friends that grow a lot of produce and sell at a local farmers market and they were looking for something different to add to their produce line. They didn't have the place to pile the logs and I didn't want to have to set up and sell mushrooms so we joined forces a couple years ago and it is working out well.

    We plugged 40 more logs last February and plan on doing another 40 this coming winter. The 40 we did last February have only so far produced 5 mushrooms this fall. I'm sure we will get a few more this fall from them but don't expect a real good flush until a year from now.

    I need to stand the logs on end in tepee form for easier picking and had planned to before they started to flush but life has been busy. Maybe I can fit it into my afternoon tomorrow. IMG_1185[1].JPG IMG_1183[1].JPG After my friends came out tonight and picked them for market they said they had 5 lbs when they were finished.

    This is and has been something that I find very enjoyable. To me it's like finding morels in the spring except I know exactly where these are.:D
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