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Shed hunting finally

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I made it out today for my first shed hunt of the year. Went to a property I'd never shed hunted before and the deer habitat and sign was unbelievable, but no sheds. I did find a doe skull and lower jaw from sometime this year.
I also found a TON of old glass bottles. I did bring a few home with me and would have brought more but had no way to carry them. I probably found 100 or more different bottles and I imagine that was just a drop in the bucket of what's there. I may have to go back and bottle hunt. I don't know anything about them value wise, but they are pretty neat to have for decoration I think. I'll get some pictures of them up when I clean them a little.

Here is the skull and jaw.
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Sorry about the picture quality, only had my cell phone.
I stepped out of the woods and on to the bank for a minute...here is a pic of the missouri river running by.
last one

Not all of the timber is like this but there is 20-30 acres of timber, just guessing that is all like this. Big mature timber and completely full of these reeds that are about chest/shoulder high. The entire place is riddled with these deer trails cutting all throughout it. They are HEAVILY used. Here is a picture looking down one of the runs.
Ok, I lied, One more

This is a spot where two runs intersected in that timber.
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