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    Oh Fallon
    I work with my yellow lab with regards to shed hunting through the year as best as I know how, which isn't much :D. She is really good at finding sheds that I have planted around the yard, and in the fields I use. Here's the problem:
    - When we go work in a field, I will plant a shed or 2 ahead of time so she doesn't see me. It's to ensure she's "successful" finding one. Once she finds one, she thinks the game is over. As soon as I sneak that shed into my pack and tell her to go hunt up another, she jumps at my pack [as if she wants me to take it out and throw it like a tennis ball].
    How can I transition her wanting to play fetch with a ball (that antler in this case),
    to hunting up another shed?

    Getting to be that season.

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    Good Luck - No advice here....I'm trying to get my Aussie to find and retrieve sheds, but I've basically gotten nowhere. She's definitely not a

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    Oh Fallon
    forgot about this post :)
    Started working with her a few weeks ago, she's pretty good about finding them, just won't continue once one is found.
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    Thought about using my wifes little lap dog. She finds sheds in my man cave but the wife says NO!

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    Wouldnt work in a deep snow!!!
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    Go on youtube to Dogbone and just watch a few of the seminar clips from Jeremy Moore. He basically will give you a rundown on the whole system. I'd get on the basics ASAP while your dog is young, lots of fun things you can do to really get going on the right track. here's one seminar For example:

    I bought the DVD as well and it reinforces the same stuff (you can prob get by without it to be honest if you watch a couple of the seminars):

    You can also get the whole kit with the DVD/scent/soft antler for introduction for the puppy.

    Worked out great for me with a few other tips and basic obedience help from a few fine folks on here (that's the #1 part out of everything is good basic obedience and work from there). Teaching the dog patience with the eating was immensely helpful with my dog. His trick on laying out the food/treats in the yard and teaching the dog to 'sniff it out' while commanding them to find it to get the nose working is nifty.

    Playing 'find the bone' is prob my dogs favorite thing in the world. Ready for another month or so from here where we can go stomp around together.

    Jeremy is a great person too, he will answer facebook private messages FULLY and really seems genuinely interested in helping.
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    Maybe quit playing/planting one first, go for a walk looking for them and see how it goes, the game isn't over if she hasn't found one yet.
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    I have a lab that is trained. I got him to hunt and retrieve antlers and then I placed him with a full-time trainer to polish him off. I like antler silhouettes. Two things we want to teach a dog regarding the antler ID - 1) what it looks like (sight recognition) and 2) what it smells like (dog's nose is their easiest to train).

    I used a tire in the yard with a plywood top. Dog has to be obedient to sit and stay - if not use a long lead line. Sit the dog and throw antlers in two opposite directions. Send the dog to their weakest side first. If you have to use the lead to get the retrieve then do that. I believe in rewarding a dog early on with great praise and a treat. Sit the dog on the platform again. Get eye contact. Then direct them to the other antler. For young dogs with puppy teeth, I like a rubber antler.

    I didn't buy my silhouettes I designed them with the help of my granddaughter. We created a template and then when I was please - I took a white top to tote that Walmart sells. I marked it with a black marker around the template and used a dremel tool to cut the top. I will post a photo of my templates - she has yellow poster board - so my templates are yellow.

    Sit the dog on the platform - make them stay. Show them the antler and walk it out the silhouette and place it behind the silhouette. Walk back to the dog - make eye contact - likely have to say STAY numerous times. So at this point time to move the dog by saying "FIND THE BONE" and point the arm and hand toward the silhouette you want them to go to.

    Variation - walk the dog out on the leash and place the silhouette in front of him and walk him back to the platform. Sit him on the platform - we do work on steadiness & control. Then give him the command "find the bone."

    Favorite Variation - have two silhouettes set in opposite directions from the platform time. Place antlers to retrieve behind the silhouettes ahead of time. Have the dog inside so they don't know any of the preparation. Walk them out on the leash - place them on the platform. Now it FIND the BONE and send them to the Silhouette you want and then work the second Silhouette.

    I use antler wax - Rack Wax from Tom Dokken and Bone Clone out of Ohio. My antlers are marked with the wax.

    These drills above are yard drills. We are teaching for Sight and Smell.

    Transition to the Field
    Use your silhouettes at a good distance but place them close enough to be seen by the dog. In the beginning I want the dog to run a distance to silhouette and find the antler real close to it - be able to see it. We do that few days. All of this was setup without the dog seeing anything.

    After some of that - we set it up but we place the antler in a position to be smelled from the position of Silhouette. Use the wind effectively. It is also OK to put two antlers in the vicinity of each Silhouette. Remember we trained on sight and smell at home first - now we are in the field.

    I run my dog in NASHDA Hunt Test (North American Shed Hunting Dog Association) . Our Hunt Test Course has six antlers planted - so we practice finding multiple antlers.

    Walking a dog in the woods and communicating "FIND IT" "FIND THE BONE" are important. Do it enough to create a positive habit.

    Double Throws - A Blind Retrieve. In the woods - sit the dog - throw one antler in a one direction about as far as you can. Dog get to see this throw - we release & send him to retrieve the first throw. IMMEDIATELY, throw your second antler in the opposite direction so the dog never sees this one. Get the first retrieve done - some praise - THEN immediately move toward (Not to the 2nd ANTLER) Find it - Find the Bone. Allow the dog to hunt it up. Dog figures out hunting "ain't so bad."

    Get the idea - hopefully you do.

    Will post the silhouette template in a few.

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    A silhouette should be large - so it can been seen from a reasonable distance. You can purchase them online but they are an oversized item which makes for higher shipping cost. My templates were made on yellow poster board. My actual silhouette is white plastic cut from a tote top purchased from Walmart. I use two wires (found in garden section at Walmart) and tape to hold the silhouette vertical. It is OK for them to sway in the wind.

    Antler Silhouette.JPG

    Now I would be shocked if there are no questions. I am wanting to help your dog "Find the Bone."

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