Featured Sen. McCaskill stance on Weapons ban.

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  1. I received this from an email I sent our illustrious leaders in ref to using common sense when talking about banning guns versus finding the real faults in shootings....
    This is McCaskill response....
    BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front for you Civies): She thinks Missouri hunters and Vets share her opinions.
    Please let her know she is wrong.

    March 5, 2018
    Dear Mr. Dewitt,

    Thank you for contacting me regarding gun policy and gun safety. I appreciate hearing from you, and I welcome the opportunity to respond.

    As you know, the Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees Americans the fundamental right to bear arms. I strongly support legal and safe gun ownership by law-abiding citizens and I welcomed and supported the Supreme Court's decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, which made it clear that the constitutional right to gun ownership is an individual one. Yet, while I support the constitutional right of law-abiding Americans to own guns, I understand that we must also ensure that guns do not fall into the hands of individuals who should not have them.

    Recent shootings across the United States, have made it clear that we need sensible, constitutional controls on gun ownership for the safety of our communities. In the wake of each tragedy, I have heard from many Missouri gun owners who agree that commonsense protections, such as background checks or limiting access to high capacity ammunition magazines and weapons designed for use by soldiers in combat, are sensible measures. Veterans and hunters alike believe that we can implement certain measures to improve the safety of Americans, while not infringing on Second Amendment rights.

    That is why I have joined my colleagues in supporting and voting for proposals that would strengthen current background check requirements for firearms purchases, close the background check loophole for guns purchased at gun shows or online, and close the pipeline of illegal guns by making gun trafficking a crime. In the 114th Congress, I cosponsored the Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act (S.551), a bill which would have given the Department of Justice the authority to prevent a known or suspected terrorist from buying firearms or explosives, and I have repeatedly voted in support of measures to prevent terrorists from obtaining guns. For example, I supported legislation in the114th Congress introduced by Senator Susan Collins of Maine which would prohibit suspected terrorists on the "no fly list" from purchasing a gun. In this vein of common-sense prevention, earlier this Congress I co-sponsored The Automatic Gun Fire Prevention Act (S.1916). This bill would ban the sale, transfer, importation, manufacture or possession of bump stocks, trigger cranks and similar accessories that accelerate a semi-automatic rifle's rate of fire, including the modified weapons that were used in the Las Vegas shooting. However, despite my efforts and those of many of my colleagues, all of the measures to prevent terrorists from purchasing guns, expanding background checks, or ban assault weapons have failed.

    It is disappointing that some of my colleagues have been unwilling to debate proposals to address gun safety and hold votes on commonsense efforts to close glaring loopholes in our nation's gun laws. If we are going to resolve some of the greatest issues facing our nation, we must work together to understand the issues and be willing to discuss them.

    As your U.S. Senator, I have a responsibility to Missourians to ensure public safety and I firmly believe that this nation can unite in support of sensible laws which prevent the mass murder of innocent citizens, while we continue to respect the Constitution. As future gun measures are considered in Congress, I will keep your views in mind.

    Again, thank you for contacting me. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I can be of further assistance to you on this or any other issue.



    Claire McCaskill
    United States Senator

    P.S. If you would like more information about resources that can help Missourians, or what I am doing in the Senate on your behalf, please sign up for my email newsletter at http://mccaskill.senate.gov.
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    Honestly.......I'm surprised she's not pushing for more than that......at one point she was onboard with Hellary, Bloomberg and others pushing for a ban of all semi-automatics......

    Did read that Florida didn't get the ban they were looking to......

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    She's still an evil witch.
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    you think she doesn't support banning of AR15's? read her statement carefully paying special attention to the last dozen words! She has left herself open to interpretation on that statement just like Bill Clinton's "I did not have sex with that woman!"

    "This bill would ban the sale, transfer, importation, manufacture or possession of bump stocks, trigger cranks and similar accessories that accelerate a semi-automatic rifle's rate of fire, including the modified weapons that were used in the Las Vegas shooting."
  6. Then let her know.... Send her a email or phone call.
    McCaskill Claire Senator · Phone
    28 N 8th St Ste 500, Columbia, MO 65201
    (573) 442-7130

    I have already replied, thanking her for her response and showing me her real thoughts and reasoning as I will give it all my power and effort to assist with her never to be reelected again. I don't care if it is Democrat or Republican just as long as it is not Her.
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    Is there a form letter anyone has that I can copy paste & send to her? I’m not good at writing stuff like that & I don’t agree with her.
  8. Here is an example:

    Dear Senator (fill in blank),

    I am a responsible gun owner. (I have a Concealed Handgun Permit, Hunting License, received training, been fingerprinted, and have had a complete background check).

    I want to start of by saying that I am deeply sadden at what had happened in recent days. No family should ever have to experience such a loss in their lives. My thoughts and prayers go out to each and everyone of them who have been effected.

    The question I would like to ask though is this. Is a new Assault Weapons and High Cap Magazine Ban really the answer to this and other crimes?
    In the recent weeks there has been much talk and media coverage of bills to ban magazines with greater than 10 round capacity and "Assault" style weapons.

    I vehemently oppose these bills that do not address the real reasoning for violence.

    We need to address the real problems like mental health, proper investigation's by the FBI and local law enforcement and the fixing of rules and regulations that are already in existence.
    No new laws or bills need be applied if we cannot manage the ones already in place.


    Just remember once you curse, degrade, or go off on an tangent- You have lost.
    I know for a fact they tend to delete or hit the mute button once the message has lost composure.
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    The letter idea is great but an actual vote against her works much better.
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    submitted letter, thanks
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    I still haven't figured out how she has made it so long representing MO, she is Anti Agriculture also :banging:
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    This has puzzled me as well.
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    She is a real peach
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    Maybe I’m just ignorant, but how the heck is it considered ‘common sense’ to deprive a citizen of their right to bare arms, or any other right for that matter, because they are suspected of a crime? WTH happened to due process in this country? And the no fly list as criteria?! You can get on that list just for raising your voice too loudly in an airport! Geeze!

    Gotta love the propaganda machine. Anything that ever uses the term ‘common sense’ is propaganda. There’s no such thing as common sense, this term is specifically employed to trigger the herd instinct in people to follow the crowd. Excuse me, I meant sheeple
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    If you think a bunch of letters is going to change the mind of a sociopath like her, you are kidding yourself.
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    we got to vote her out.. she has done enough damage... shes a swamper!!!!!
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