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    I have a power hunter, FA xlander, and cabelas mobile 1. I use the cabelas the most for it's comfort and portability as I use it a lot for ducks on the shore as well. As stated, can't beat the hide of a layout.

    I use the xlander next most for goose usually as it's a light color and I keep it covered in corn most of the time. It's slightly bigger and more comfortable than the cabelas but is heavier and doesn't pack down near as small.

    The power hunter was my first blind and while decent, I don't like a few things about it. The frameless bag is like a sleeping bag that you crawl into. It doesmt do well to store anything in there and have to work it right for you gun. It is harder to get into the more clothes you have on, and it moves all over each time you do which makes brush fall out, especially corn unless you pack it super tight. The other blinds stand on their own and don't lose cover as bad during the hunt.

    The lid does provide good coverage but is quite limiting on vision. I find myself propping it up most often to see for duck hunting.

    As stated, you should mud or fog it with spray paint. I prefer using krylon khaki spray paint to dull the fabric permanently.
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    one of my brothers uses his when yote/ deer hunting. it opens up possibilities for him he said at a friends place due to game trails and travel routes animals take. i think its an avery.

    mine is a cabelas brand. his avery is more comfortable
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  3. Final approach blind hot seat will keep you warm on the ground.