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Seeding logging roads

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My loggers finished up last week and everything looks great. They got my logging roads leveled out pretty good but what is something I should seed them in next year? Right now I have seeded them in cereal rye hoping they pop up and combat some of the mud we have everywhere since it WONT STOP RAINING!!!!!!

I had thought of frost seeding clover on them in the spring but we are on them a lot with atv's all year long. Was worried just clover might not hold up to all the traffic. Is there a certain kind of grass I should try? Just need some kind of cover on them. Right now they are so muddy I can barely walk on them.
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I did ladino on mine and it didnt do worth a crap.
Kentucky blue grass is suppose to be pretty shad tolerant but it's not going to feed deer.
Ladino clover and orchard grass would be a good mix in the shady areas.
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Ladino. Put on 2 of mine doing great on 1 ok on the other. Would have been better if we would have got rain when we were supposed to. Dang birds . Wheat will still germinate for erosion control this winter. Keep the 4 wheeler tires in the same tracks. Then you will have 3 skinny rows of food vs none.
Disc it good before planting anything. That dirt will be hard packed after all the traffic of logging.
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