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    Sep 14, 2003
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    Sorry for the sideways picture.
    I made it to my blind this afternoon and was settled in and watching all the squirrels around me. I hear something back up behind me and look out the back window of the blind and there they are working their way across the hill just above me and to my right. I thought they were going to stay higher up on the hill but they started working their way down right towards me so I shifted in my chair and nocked an arrow. All of a sudden all those silly squirrels started barking their fool heads off and headed towards the tops of the trees which put the turkeys on guard and had a couple of them putting. After what seemed forever the squirrels settled down and so did the birds and then the one I was watching started coming down the hill right to me. At 20 yards she stops and turns and starts feeding back up the hill so I drew put the bead on her and snuck the arrow right between the 2 trees between me and her. The arrow hit its intended target and she jumped up and flew about 60 yards away from me and landed, she stood there looking around and then all at once she came running straight towards me and hit the dirt flopping and knew right then I had just my first turkey with a bow and I stoked. I went and recovered my bird and was curious to where I hit her and I hit right through the back of the neck and the rage almost severed her head off. I found my arrow, the same one I hit the first bird with Tuesday evening, grabbed my bird and bow and smiled all the way home.

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    Feb 1, 2008

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    congrats... by far waaaaaaay more difficult than getting a deer in my opinion. good stuff
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    Outstanding job Richard!!!!!!!!!
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    WTG Richard!! Nice. :eek::
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    Sep 14, 2003
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    Congrats it's a Great feeling!
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    congrats on the bow bird!!!!!!
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    congrats, its harder to shoot a bird with a bow than a deer.
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    You dont sit with an arrow already knocked?
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    now that is what i like to see. still waiting on the chance for one of them to wander by when i have a bow. the ones who have tried for some reason have ran away without an arrow flung:cheers:
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    :2thumbsup: GOOD WORK MAN! Those turks are TOUGH targets!

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    Good job buddy!
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    Thank you whoever turned the picture right side up and Thanks for all the congrats